Solutions for acquiring, measuring and controlling any parameter or size

Enspection propose new solutions to acquire and monitor energy consumption, avoid energy waste in any place and at any time while respecting the environment.

Unlike other solutions currently on the market, Enspection is not limited only to the management of energy consumption data, but allows the acquisition of any type of parameter and size.

We are living in the era of the so-called Industry 4.0, resulting from the fourth industrial revolution that affected the production processes, thanks to the development of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

The possibility of connecting any object or device to the network has led to enormous advantages for industrial activities, the tertiary sector, services and infrastructures: optimization of production processes, greater control of energy consumption and of the quality of equipment, systems and machinery. Solutions for acquiring, measuring and controlling any parameter or size.

You can measure any paramete

Environmental parameters
Temperatures, humidity, air quality

Electrical parameters
Voltage, power, current, harmonics

Energy consumption
Electric, water, thermal

Process parameters
Flow rate, pressure, levels, density

Produced, consumed, supplied and exchanged

Why choose Enspection?

Continuous monitoring

Import and display of consumption data in real timee

Energy consumption analysis

Visualization of data in tabular and graphic form

Cost analysis

Consumption control and related economic costs

What you can do with Enspection?

Customizable dashboard

Create your dashboard to view consumption data

Data download

Data export in png, PDF, Excel format

Alarm notifications

Criticalities, warnings and information notified via e-mail, browser or system access.

What is your company's sector?

Discover all compatible hardware with the platform

Quick installation

The device can be connected to any system.


Collection, storage and processing of data in Cloud.


Automatic intervention for energy optimization.


Verification of information processed in real time.

Discover Enspection


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