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Discover the range of supported devices

Simple and intuitive interface

The simple interface makes browsing and monitoring your consumption fast and intuitive.

The ease of use of Enspection allows the user to check their energy consumption easily and comfortably from any place and at any time of the day.

Many functions in one solution

  • Enspection was created to integrate the acquisition functions of any parameter, monitoring and control of your company's energy consumption through the use of a single platform. The software is compatible with the different products of the same range.

Increase energy efficiency and decrease waste

Analyze consumption data precisely. Cloud data storage.
Monitor and control energy consumption.
Save on your bill and respect the environment!

Continuous monitoring

Import and display of consumption data in real time

Energy consumption analysis

Display of data in tabular and graphic form

Cost analysis

Control of consumption and related economic costs

Alarm notifications

Criticalities and information notified by e-mail, browser or when accessing the system

Customizable dashboard

Create your dashboard to view consumption data

Downloading data

Export of data in PNG, PDF, Excel format

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