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The accommodation facilities include all those that carry out reception activities, or services of various types aimed at hospitality, services and assistance. Each accommodation facility can be of different sizes and are part of it: hotels, hotels, residences, bed and breakfasts, tourist villages, camping sites, beauty farms. Each different accommodation facility can provide different hospitality services: accommodation for the night, catering, hospitality in the event of conferences or events, sale of different services and products both for those who stay inside the structure and for those who do not stay.

Probable Problems

Energy waste

The multiplicity of activities carried out within accommodation facilities result in high energy consumption. Energy is used for various services: guest rooms, dining areas, swimming pools, conference rooms, restaurants and more. In addition, energy consumption is divided according to the type of use: lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, different equipment. The daily consumption peaks affect the total economy of the business. How can I optimize energy consumption by obtaining economic benefits?


Abnormal consumption often depends on the malfunction of equipment and systems. The breakdowns significantly affect energy consumption, but also the image of the company itself, going to create disservices for its customers (problems with the air conditioning, disservices for those staying in the hotel rooms, problems related to the restaurant refrigeration and more). In addition, emergency maintenance activities involve additional costs.


the inefficiency of the energy distribution network can cause instability: overvoltages that create damage to equipment and significant energy waste; undervoltages that cause a malfunction of the machinery and systems. In addition, the high overvoltage or high energy consumption of some equipment could cause interruptions, generating failures and disservices, interrupting the normal course of business



Measure energy consumption in real time, identify waste and save money on your bill.

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Voltage optimizer. Optimizes energy consumption and protects equipment from damage

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E-Power Meter

Network analyzers for precise measurement of the main parameters of power lines

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