Large Distribution

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Large distribution is a sales system organized in a network or chain of points of sale distributed in various points of the territory and controlled by a parent company. They fall into the category of large retailers: supermarkets, hypermarkets, superstores, hyperstores, shopping malls, cash and carry (for retail) and all commercial chains.

Possible Problems

Energy waste

How can I save energy with small tricks? Refrigerant systems, air conditioning systems, lighting of the factory areas require energy for the normal course of business. Large distributions, carrying out their activities within large surfaces, require greater attention to avoid any energy waste. Energy consumption may be higher than expected due to a lack of attention by the staff or some plants and equipment may operate outside the hours of activity open to the public, causing an increase in consumption peaks even during the hours of company downtime.


The plants and equipment may need maintenance or some obsolete engines must be replaced. The latter are elements that involve high energy consumption. Furthermore, maintenance operations in different points of sale distributed over different territorial areas become complex to manage.


Some inconveniences during the conduct of the activities, such as the accidental interruption of the energy supply, caused by internal or external faults in the plant, voltage dips or overvoltages, not only influence the conduct of the activity itself, but also creates serious damage in safety terms for both equipment connected to the electricity grid and for personnel.



Measure energy consumption in real time, identify waste and save money on your bill.

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Voltage optimizer. Optimizes energy consumption and protects equipment from damage

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E-Power Meter

Network analyzers for precise measurement of the main parameters of power lines

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