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Polyslot to measure any signal

Polyslot is a product by Enspection composed of a group of modular data acquisition modules that can be customized according to your needs. The device consists of 8 slots within which it is possible to insert 8 different modules or shields, guaranteeing a precise measurement and acquisition of heterogeneous data and signals.

The Polyslot device is perfectly compatible and can be combined with the E-Gatelog product and, therefore, the Enspection platform. The combination of the two devices allows the visualization of the collected data in real time, a detailed analysis of consumption and costs and all the advantages provided by the platform to plan an energy efficiency project.


  • - Simple installation
    - Modular system
    - Multi-data acquisition
    - Reliable measuring system
    - Cloud storage system

Sei tipologie di shield

Puoi inserire fino a 6 tipologie di shield, scegliendo tra diverse tipologie:

Main features

Power Base
Gateway Modbus
Easy Install
8 different modules or shield
Small Size
Technical Data Sheet

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