Monitoring, analysis and control of

The infrastructure sector includes the set of systems for the construction of transport services (rail, airport, highway) and the set of public works (hospitals, schools, urban roads, public buildings).

Probable Problems

Wasted energy

The infrastructure sector includes a variety of activities, each of them with its own peculiarities from an energy point of view. For both the transport and public works sectors, services are products that require different energy sources: electricity, gas, steam, compressed air, hot water and more. Energy waste is widespread, as it involves machinery, equipment, staff behavior, problems related to the distribution network


Malfunctions, plant and equipment failures as well as affecting the annual expenses, the damage affects the safety of users and the environment. Intervening on faulty elements or planning a scheduled maintenance activity is fundamental and requires information relating to consumption, the determining factors of waste, in order to understand how and why we are consuming and how to act for a rational use of energy.


Interruptions, voltage dips, overvoltages or undervoltages are caused by various factors causing serious problems to the equipment and to the performance of the activities. Monitoring the normal operation of the plants or energy distributors is indispensable, as the anomalous lotus functioning could become a huge safety risk.



Measure energy consumption in real time, identify waste and save money on your bill.

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Voltage optimizer. Optimizes energy consumption and protects equipment from damage

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E-Power Meter

Network analyzers for precise measurement of the main parameters of power lines

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