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ETM: the new intelligent energy management systems

ETM was born in the 80s as a company specialized in the design and construction of electrical and electronic systems.
Thanks to its high professionalism, ETM has extended its activities from traditional energy production systems, such as hydroelectric plants, to alternative energy production systems, such as photovoltaic plants.
In accordance with the birth of Industry 4.0, ETM invests in the field of research and development by laying the foundations for the birth of the new Enspection brand.
Enspection makes the most of the potential of new intelligent technologies to use energy rationally. The team of engineers and programmers has implemented software to monitor energy consumption and intervene in the event of energy waste, interruptions or breakdowns of equipment and systems.
Enspection guarantees maximum security, protecting data and information relating to its consumption. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, Enspection helps companies manage their energy consumption, reduce waste, minimize consumption costs and limit the emission of carbon dioxide.

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