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Monitor your industrial energy consumption

E-Gatelog 2.0 is the industrial version of the E-Gatelog, a useful tool for measuring and monitoring energy consumption or any type of parameter and quantities for long periods.

E-Gatelog 2.0 is compatible with various hardware devices that allow the acquisition, processing and comparison of consumption data related to different utilities: electrical, thermal, refrigeration, water and more.

The new version allows you to constantly monitor industrial energy consumption and keep all the activities of a plant under control. The data acquired from other devices, such as PLC, Power Meter, TA Smart, energy meters, converge to the E-Gatelog 2.0 to be then stored in Cloud and consulted simply by a device connected to the network.

More features in one solution

It allows the storage of data acquired by the system on the next publication on the web

It aims to develop web pages and generate contents dynamically

Allows the acquisition of parameters via ModBus protocol (Analyzers, PLCs, Acquisition Modules,
etc.) up to 32 devices

It allows the passage from Ethernet to a chain of ModBus devices up to 8 simultaneous connections
on TCP/IP in a completely transparent way

4G industrial router equipped with two Ethernet ports with a new feature of having the external slot
to insert the SIM card. The network can be distributed to the devices and apparatus via an Ethernet
or WiFi Hotspot connection

I/O Module
Analog and digital signal acquisition devicei

Perfect for every parameter and size

E-Gatelog 2.0 is compatible with various hardware devices oriented to the acquisition and processing of field parameters and to a WebBased interface

Main features

Ethernet 10/100Base-T network interface, Modbus TCP
RJ45 connector
Configuration from integrated web server
Integrated router
Integrated WiFi
RS-485 serial interface
Modbus RTU Master
Baud rate up to 115.2 Kbps
Distance up to 1200 m, up to 32 multipoint modules
Connection to removable terminals
Ethernet Link/Act signaling LED, serial RX-TX, power supply
Galvanic insulation on the 3 ways
Conformity EC Mark
Suitable for mounting on DIN EN-50022 track
Technical Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet Wifi


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