hardware Solutions

Discover the range of supported devices

Efficient coding system

MQTT protocol

The platform uses the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol, currently the most used for communication Machine - Machine and the Internet of things.

JSON services

The "standard" data are interchangeable in JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format, understandable for the reader and easy to analyze and generate by the machines.

The MQTT protocol and JSON format are characterizing elements, as they allow the integration of the Enspection platform with most of the machines, sensors and hardware equipment currently on the market.

Continuous monitoring

Import and display of consumption data in real time

Energy consumption analysis

Display of data in tabular and graphic form

Cost analysis

Control of consumption and related economic costs

Alarm notifications

Criticalities and information notified by e-mail, browser or when accessing the system

Customizable dashboard

Create your dashboard to view consumption data

Downloading data

Export of data in PNG, PDF, Excel format

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