Cost analysis

  • analisi consumi elettrici

Analysis of consumption costs and energy efficiency

The Enspection energy monitoring system allows you to optimize your consumption and, therefore, save on your bill.
The system has a special section dedicated entirely to energy consumption costs.
Just enter the data and rates of your energy bills to monitor, together with consumption, also the costs related to them.
Once the fields relating to the cost bands and the days to which the indicated cost band corresponds are completed, Enspection will be able to calculate the share of energy expenditure in real time.
The platform allows the display of consumption costs both in real time and for a specific period of time. Specifically, thanks to the graphic representation, we can identify at a glance both the total consumption and the consumption costs divided by cost bands (previously set).
Long-term energy expenditure reports are a tool for comparing consumption costs in different periods or for different company sites. Economic data are the starting point for planning a more advantageous energy management system.
hardware solutions

Discover the range of supported devices

Continuous monitoring

Import and display of consumption data in real timee

Energy consumption analysis

Visualization of data in tabular and graphic form

Customizable dashboard

Create your dashboard to view consumption data

Alarm Notifications

Criticalities, warnings and information notified by e-mail, browser or when accessing the system.

Simple interface

Check your energy consumption in a simple and intuitive way

Data download

Data export in png, PDF, Excel format

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