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The industrial sector is characterized by all those more or less complex activities relating to the production of goods through standardized procedures. These activities are carried out within plants that involve the use of more or less expensive systems, machines and infrastructures. In general, the factories are located in vast territories. Their construction must be in line with current regulations for the protection of the environment and the ecosystem.

Probable Problems

Energy waste

Losses on the distribution network, improper use of the systems, are some of the causes of energy waste and, therefore, economic waste. How can I analyze the elements with high energy consumption, identifying those with the greatest waste?


Malfunctioning machinery and systems involve a higher cost. Consumption anomalies can depend on several factors: increase in production which, in the event of engine malfunction, leads to an increase in fixed costs; motors powered by a network that supplies poor quality energy are subject to breakdowns and a shorter useful life. In addition, the engines and systems work for a significant number of hours per year. Malfunctioning engines should be replaced, investing with new engines that do not always guarantee the expected results in terms of energy efficiency and economic savings. How is it possible to evaluate the performance of plants, engines and equipment?


Analyzing the quality of the energy is fundamental, as it contributes to increase inefficiencies, breakdowns and to stop the productivity cycle. Overvoltages, undervoltages, voltage deviations, voltage dips are some of the problems caused by increased power loads, malfunction of the distribution network, atmospheric disturbances. In order to avoid economic damage, how can I check the energy quality?



Measure energy consumption in real time, identify waste and save money on your bill.

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Voltage optimizer. Optimizes energy consumption and protects equipment from damage

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E-Power Meter

Network analyzers for precise measurement of the main parameters of power lines

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