Single-phase 17,5mm for Universal TA

The smallest single-phase Power Meter capable in managing any type of current sensors.

Ready to be integrated in the acquisition and monitoring systems.

RS485 Modbus RTU output and configurable digital contact.

Universal input for Amperometric transformers and three versions to satisfy any measurement requirement.

Main Features

Current Entry 1 A / 5 ASonde di Rogowski 0...333mV
Power Supply 10…40 V DC o 19…28 V AC – 50/60Hz
Voltage Entry Direct connection up to 500V RMS maximum (40...70Hz)
Trasformation Ratio Transformation ratio for configurable Current and Voltage
Output RS485 Mobus RTU e Contatto Digitale SPST (< 40 V, <100mA)
Avaible Measurements I rms, V rms
I pk, V pk
Active power (W)
Reactive power (VAR)
Apparent power (VA)
Power Factor (Inductive/Capacitive)
Energy (kWh)
Bidirectional Energy (kWh), positive and negative
Active and Reactive Energy (kVARh), Inductive/Capacitive
Peak Factor
Technical Data Sheet

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